Screen acts like it’s on drugs

Since a few weeks my phone started to scare me. It has episodes where the screen just turns from normal to a very dark reddish colour (as a tint, I can still read the screen, but there ar also darker pixels and stripes across the screen) and than fades to black. The whole thing takes about two seconds. Afterwards, it is often hard to activate te phone again. These scenarios will happen:

  • nothing, unless I slap the phone a few times on the back
  • the screen will start, doesn’t react to touch
  • the screen will start, but goes full LSD-experience again

Sometimes it happens differently, the colors won’t turn red, but black and white and the screen will repeat itself from top to bottom: the top section will be copied and showed again and again below. This wil then turn to black and the above scenarios will happen.

Sometimes the phone varies between colour changing and copying itself.

I will probably not be able to film this, since it happens so random and quick. If I do, I will share it.

Does anybody know what causes this? I don’t think it is the screen itself, more like some driving unit. (But I know nothing about phones, really)

Please help… I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

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