Saving Pictures on SD card with Lineage 17.1


I use the FP2 with the new Camera modul with Lineage 17.1
I know that in the past it wasn’t possible to save pictures on SD card with the Camera App (Android 5…).
Is there a way to do that meanwhile?
If I launch the app and open the settings, I find a Position “Storage” (Speicher in German), where I can Choose “SD card” as well as “Phone”. But if I take a picture, I can’t find it in the gallery afterwards. I see a thumbnail in the camera App, but clicking on it doesn’t show me the picture. It seems not to be storaged.
It works with Camera MX, but the new Lineage Camera AP seems to bring some interesting features.
If I open “Settings”-“Apps” and find the Camera App, I can decide to give out global writing rights to the app or not, but not choose where to write.

Can anybody help?



I experience the same issue, but I don’t use the stock camera so it doesn’t disturb me.
This is a known issue with Lineage 17.1, but not yet solved. It was already reported here:

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