Save the date: August 27th


Hi everyone,

We’ve given you a handful of clues to point you in the right direction… Can you guess what’s coming? :thinking:

Eva Gouwens, our CEO, along with Monique Lempers (Impact Innovation Director) and Wayne Huang (VP of Product Operations) will be sharing our exciting news in a live broadcast on 27 August 2020.

So save the date and join us from 11:00 - 12:00 (CEST).

Watch live here :point_right::


You’re introducing a new phone, containing more recycled plastic. You’re partnering with Pusism, to make it the first fair and privacy friendly phone + there some cool and unexpected new features.
Just my guess.


The clues are pretty abstract, but well maybe we can discuss it.
Here is what I see:

  1. Phone/screen/device.
  2. Recycling. (No doubt)
  3. (People) working together.
  4. Plus/Crossing (as in cross devices, or as in crossing borders…)

The crossing aspect could be about expanding outside Europe, but seems far-fetched.

Anyway IDK what it is but I’m pretty curious. If these clues seems obvious after the reveal it will be fun :smiley:


compressed bottle ==> you are presenting the Fairphone Mini :smile:


I tried to put all information together. I did not study if my result is realistic. :smiley:

In the clues, I see:

  • a rectangle: a module
  • compression of a water bottle: recycling
  • a plus sign: upgrade
  • 2 hands together: connectivity
  • 5 thumps: 5G

Fairphone will announce that they plan to recycle modules for upgrade of connectivity to 5G.


After sleeping about it, I don’t think it’s an upgrade for existing FP3s. It would rather be a Fairphone 3+, which contains (more) recycled plastic and is 5G-capable.


Since the plus-sign is formed by fingers, that are getting longer, the new device migt be longer and wider as well, which would make it a FairTab. The 5 thumbs might symbolize +5 inches, making it a 10.65" tablet.
Possibly modular as well.
And - hand in hand - there might be improvement regarding production (mining or building).


Or smaller to meet the demand of those wanting a smaller display :man_shrugging:

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I wonder if there will be something about introducing some more markets. (^^)

Hi all,

Well the fourth clue looks like something from Monty Python! :laughing:

My ideas:

  1. New camera module
  2. Less plastic? Or made from recycled bottles
  3. Solidarity… it’s more solid and more unbreakable?
  4. Plus sign, more of something, more performance?
  5. 5 things, possibly 5G

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it. I hope it’s not just a new plastic case! :rofl:

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Advertising the date like this - most likely the press will be informed as well - it sure is some major announcement.
And - my guess - it is not just some new hardware, but some development/achievement regarding their core values (social, environamental issues)


Maybe 5 more fair-trade minerals?


or a ‘leasing your FP3’ option?

Streamed live to YouTube =>

What do you all think will be announced?

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I moved your post here, since the guessing has been going on for a while.
In the first post you will find some clues. :wink:

No worries, just saw it on Reddit and haven’t seen a post regarding it in the recent posts tab.

in French, what seems a press release, issued today Monday 24 (and not the 27), describes Fairphone entering (or even leading?) a ‘Fair Cobalt Alliance’, FCA, here , also with a french paper that just seems to copy/summarize the release

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Yes, but it’s not the same thing. Check this thread:


A partnership with a country that has a flag with the perpendicular lines to use recycled material to create either the camera or screen for Fairphone. If I had to pick one I would say the screen.

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Fairphone has just published a video related to this in social media. As Jim Panse says on Twitter, the “zoom in” that defines the video can be the premonition of a new module or an accessory (maybe in collaboration with a big photography company) for the FP3 camera? What do you think? We’ll soon find out :slight_smile: