Save the date: August 27th

Hi @Mixigodo,

Thanks for sharing, I’ve not looked at Twitter for months!

Hmm, a zoom camera? But that’s a lot of zoom for a smartphone!

And the lady on the bridge appears to be using a FP2, not FP3?

And why does the music go wonky, like the batteries have run out or there’s disappointment? Very strange choice!

I’m very intrigued, I definitely think this must be a fairly big announcement.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


A very powerful and thus power-consuming zoom :wink:


I don’t think so, there seems to be a hole in the cover for the fingerprint scanner.

Hi @chrisse,
Ah ok, i was just going by the colour…
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a green case for FP3. I would say it’s a camera accessory case

Ah, thanks @bruce! Nice idea too! :smiley:

I would like to save the date and have a look but between 11:00 and 12:00 I´m working.
Silly, no ?

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You can watch the announcement on YouTube later on. :slight_smile:


Yes, later, but the “surprise” effect will be dead :sob:

A surprise is a surprise is a surprise. As I crashed the screen of my used Motorola Moto X4, a FP 3+ with 5G and a much better camera module would arrive just in time!

Attention: maybe Spoiler inside:



Oh boy, can’t wait for the FairPhone 3s in 3-4 months and the Fairphone 3s+ in 6-9 months


Just read the article on winfuture. If they re well informed then it is a bit disappointing… There are discussion about the fact that the the FP3 has basically a good camera, but that the software is the “week point”. So ok there will be a new camera, but if the software is bad, will it be a real improvement… We will see. On the other hand they need as every other company to earn money, so they need this kind of Marketing things… Maybe there are other interesting things to be presented tomorrow!

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I do not expect a new device to be announced, whilst FP3 came out just a year ago.
Sustainability is one of the main concerns of Fairphone and it would contradict sustainability to drop FP3 for a new phone.
Maybe it is about a new module, to pimp the FP3 with new HW.
This would point out the recycling aspect.
5G, as everyone knows, is the root-cause of covid-19, and one sould use tinfoil to avoid it, so it is probably not about 5G. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :innocent:

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Oh I see.

Interesting choices were made, I would like to know the reasons.

Reminder: it’s live now :wink:

Edit: damn, I missed the Q&A part :frowning:


I like the hard facts, so a very simple question. Is a FP3 with the two new modules (back and front camera modules) added, the very same (relevant electronics and pcb, chip/chipset/memory/radio (wireless) vendor vise) etc?

does the FP3 with the two new modules installed and with the september 7th 2020 android10 os upgrade applied become the same as a fresh FP3+?

except for the wear and tear on the solid state memory and physical wear and tear and I dont care that much for the plastic and rubbery components.

Also, is the software (android10) the very same image and build for both, the FP3 and FP3+ phones? same bits, same sourcecode, same binary package?

I am kind of missing the hard facts here of what to make of this. Maybe other people do miss this as well. The whole lives stream and FP3+ introductory video and tease was built around people should not buy a new phone but Fairphone as a company and as their products are so neat that only modules can and eventually could and should be upgraded.

The FP shop shows that the technical specs are apparently “the same” to whatever technical details that might hold true. Thats why I am asking here for the precise facts.

Maybe also the screen component/vendor, would be interesting for the user base here.

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The FP3+ contains more recycled materials and fairer ones.

Sort of. Though you won’t have the more recycled and fair materials. But basically, specs wise, yes. (Thinking about it, there is an upgraded speaker module as well)


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Speaker module a separate third one? The upgraded camera modules for FP3 in the FP shop dont speak about a speaker module, or am I mistaken here? Thanks.