Save app list for fast reinstall with YALP


I’m using Fdroid and Yalp but support ask me to do a factory reset because of some issue.

Is there a way I can get a ‘list’ of my installed apps so I can reinstall them automatically after factory reset.

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I don’t think there is a way to automatically install every app afterwards, so the only thing you can probably do is making a screenshot of your app drawer.

But the more interesting question (for me) is: What issue do you have? Maybe it can be solved without a factory reset :slight_smile:

First of all, which FP model and which operating system are you using?

If you are rooted, you can simply backup all apps plus their data using Titanium Backup (more info in #dic:backup ).

If you are not rooted, there is no automatic way. You can extract the installation files (“APKs”) one-by-one using Apk Extractor from F-Droid. After that you can move them from your Download folder to your computer via a USB connection. After the factory reset, move them back to your phone and install them by clicking on them in the file manager.

PS.: Apps that you downloaded via Yalp probably have their apks in the Download folder already as this is the default setting within Yalp.

For that you should open a new topic. :slight_smile:



thanks for the quick reply.

I’m using a fairphone 2 with fairphoneOS 18.04.1.
The phone is not rooted at this moment but I could do it, if you give me a link to do it.

I have a fast draining battery problem

If you are only using F-Droid and Yalp I’m wondering, why you don’t use FP Open OS? It can easily be rooted:

PS.: A fast-draining battery is also easier to diagnose if your phone is rooted:

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I first bought a fp2 at Orange Mobile in France and switched to FP Open OS, I had unexpected reboot issues, Orange support was reluctant to give help because of the OS switch, I finally reverted to the first OS and send back the phone to get a refund (after long painstacking procedures).

I ordered it on FP as soon as it was possible but still got some bad first impression of FP Open OS from my first experience…

I could give it another try but I first have to root my FPOS to save my apps and then move to FP Open.

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That’s exactly not how it should be. Fairphone Open OS is an officially supported OS for the FP2. Besides I am still not convinced that a Google-infested phone is in any way more stable than a Google-free phone.


migration complete thanks !

I also installed microg + exposed because I’m using the bike renting app of my city and it requires Google Play Services.

I’ll open a new thread for battery problem.

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