SanDisk 32GB MicroSD not detected - not even after the Great Update


I thought: with the new FP2-update I will finally be able to use my Micro SD. Alas. I - even - cannot detect it anywhere. Any pointers on how to make this work? Or is my FP2-micro sd-slot kaputt (ever since I bought it?).
My internal memory is almost full.
He or she who will come up with a solution will receive great karma! :smile:


Well have you ever tried another SD card in your FP? Then you’ll know if the slot is broken.

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I recommend the standard procedure to narrow it down:

  • Does your SD card work in a different device?
  • Does a different SD card work in your FP2?

I’ve listed this topic as a follow-up to the auto-closed topic below:

Hey Chuck, yes it does. My Macbook recognizes the card.
I have not tried a different one - I’d have to buy another one.

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