Samsung Micro SD not recognized

Edit: I restarted the phone, then suddenly the option to erase the SD Card showed up and now it seems to work. Hope my odyssey can be helpful to others!

I just recieved my FP2 yesterday and now wanted to extend it’s storage with a 64GB Micro SD. It didn’t recognize the card (wich is brand new) the first time I inserted it, so I took it back out, formatted it into fat32 format, checked on my PC that it still worked (my PC recognizes the card no problem), but the FP2 still won’t recognize it. It’s not shown inside Amaze and if I plug the phone into my PC, the card also doesn’t show up. All the options for SD cards in the phones options menu are also greyed out. What am I missing here?

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In the case you’re reading this topic because you have problems specific to 64Gb Samsung Micro SD cards, please check the topic linked below to see if it is relevant for your problem: