SailfishOS on the Fairphone 2 - Images for installation

Good Morning all!

At the moment i have a FP2 for #sailfish Testing and Bug-fixing.
To make it easier for the noobs, i created an ready-made image, with all necessary updates, fixes and software, which makes the life for the SailfishOS-Users easier and more comfortable :wink:

This is a ready made image which is:

  • Buid on Top of FairphoneOpen 16.10

  • Camera working (Photo / Video)

  • Latest SailfishOS Image from @mal (alpha3) updated to (Devel Branch)

  • Latest Modem Files from Android 6.0 (Baseband 4436.1-FP2-0-00)

  • No battery drain because of the always active proximity sensor

  • No proximity sensor issues (Black screen during incoming calls, GUI hanging after the calls etc.)

The main reason for me to create this image was the wish to replace my difficult installation manual and give the SailfishOS-Noobs a possibility to easy install the latest SailfishOS experience on their FP2s.
Of course this is alpha Software, provided as is without any warranty.

@mal did (and doing everyday) a great job, porting SailfishOS to the FP2. Jolla confirmed, that from all unofficial SailfishOS Ports, the 2 best running alre: Fairphone 2 by @mal and OnePLus X by @kimmoli.
The both Porters spend a lot of time with porting, so i want to help them (and community) with maintaining and supporting this Ports.

My first step was creating an PDF-Manual File in :us: and :de:
This Installation Image is my second step.

The image itself is ready, i’m just looking for a possibility to integrate the needed modem files into the image.

If you want to get this image, my Installation Manuals or any kind of SailfishOS support - write me an email to

I will put your email in my FP2-SailfishOS Distribution Group (Don’t worry - no SPAM and all email addresses bcc’ed) and I will send you the download link as soon it is ready and will also inform you about updates and changes.

Let our FP2 be a real community device!


Hi explit ! This is a good idea indeed, making an easy & quick installation process is a prerequisite to motivate the non-geek users to try Sailfish.
Similarly for UbuntuTouch, I remember pleasantly the transition from a complex command-line installation to the magic-tool installer :slight_smile:

Just a curiosity question (I’m not familiar with the law-related subject): is it permitted to distribute a full image including the proprietary drivers? From what I understood all those “Blob-free” installation stuffs are due to some legal reasons…

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Well this may be a grey zone.

  • The Android-Base-Image is based on FP Open 16.10 which has already the binary blobs and provided by Fairphone.

  • The SailfishOS Image provided by Mal- is legaly absolutely ok, it can be shared as is with the permission of Jolla HADK (Hardware Adaptation Development Kit)

  • I only put one image on another and update it. Not more, not less. I’m also not an law expert, but i think it’s ok, as long i don’t include any commercial SailfishOS Parts in my image
    (Alien Dalvik, Exchange Active Sync, XT9 Text Prediction Engine and Sailfish Maps)

I don’t want any trouble for Fairphone, Jolla, @mal or me, so i will give this image only after written request and will not post it in public.

If someone would say me - its prohibited, i wouldn’t offer this option anymore.


Unfortunately i don’t have FP2 anymore, so i’m not able to maintain and update this SailfishOS Images.
One user Emma made an great progress and created a Noob-Proof-Installation-Image.

I will try to maintain this Image as long as i can. All who interested can contact me over email explit(at)

I will put your email in the Mailing List and will inform you, if there are some news from Emma.

As i said alredy, without my own FP2, its quite difficult to maintain this build.


If you want @explit to be able to continue his great work for the Sailfish community (and the Fairphone community of course!), maybe take part in this poll:

and let’s see what develops :slight_smile:


Can you please send me the installation file?

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