Sailfish FP2

Hi just wondering is there a build for available yet or is anyone making one? I installed the previous version on my FP2 but the update doesn’t work.

Also is there any (unofficial) way of getting android support to work on Sailfish? Or a 3rd party whatsapp client because that’s all I need it for

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There is another version in internal testing:

Kewl. Would be nice to see it released,

Is there anyplace one can sign up for beta testing?

you can ask on #fairphone-sailfish channel at freenode irq

Got any answers about this?

As the main porter of Sailfish OS to Fairphone 2 I can tell that the release (alpha2) will be available quite soon, it’s going through final testing to make sure no regressions are observed. If nothing unexpected happens it’s just a matter of days when it will be released.


Thanks, looking forward to installing :smiley:

Hello Dankoozy, at freenode irq channel #apkenv there are developer of a free/opensource android environment package for SailfishOS. May be they have a version for the community port for the Fairphone2.

any news about alpha2?

it’s been out for 2 weeks. But i guess no one updated the link on the wiki page

ho, thank. can you explain to me how I can dowload the alpha2

Anyone knows if it supports dual SIM? :slight_smile:

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not at the moment. But the dual sim support is expected in 2.0.2. I would give it a month, or maybe more, since official release is not out yet

I’m also completely confused about how to update, even if I did have the exact download link.

Seriously hoping the update procedure doesn’t include wiping my phone.

at this moment you will have to reflash, so you will need to use backup procedures.
There is some work going on on OTA updates, but i don’t know when and if it’s gonna be available. Let’s just hope that in few months we will get official release from jolla=)

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dual sim will be supported at SailfishOS version 2.0.2.X. Jolla C has also dual sim. The next community version is based on SailfishOS version so told me mal- (the main develloper of the community version).
As i read the ‘official’ version is planed within a few months. May be if the 2.0.2.X is ready the Fairphone2 version will come soon ;-).

Sounds like good news :slight_smile: Can anyone provide the link for alpha2?


you need to ask mal on freenode on #fairphone-sailfishos channel

Hi Virgi26, can you give me the link for the alpha2? Thanks !

I don’t see anybody on the Freenode channel. Can you provide me the Link? thank you.