Safety problem lost screw display?

Hey all,

I have an FP4 I had to replace the display for refently. I lost a screw and so only screwed 7 ones on. Is that ok?



I don’t have an FP4 no doubt someone will respond that has one.

Ideally you could contact support at fairphone for a definitive answer, rather than rely on other users guess work or estimation.

In any case it would help to know which screw is missing as that would imapct any assessment, maybe you can upload a picture here. I have found an image to upload maybe you can then identify the missing screw’s designed location?

  • If you get a strong magnet and slide it around the area you worked on you may be able to pick it up
  • Failing finding it you could buy a replacement

OH! I’ve amended the tile to move it to the help category and removed the FP3 tag (??)

Maybe this image, from another topic, will help identify where the screw should be

For help in finding replacements see the following topic


Thanks a lot this is really helpful! I’ll have a look at all this.

I just lost one of the screws and so left one of the screws on the side off.



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