Safe Mode deletes all accounts and widgets, also in normal mode

I rebooted to safe mode which in other forums was recommended to get rid of the “Couldn’t add widget” above recent apps, where the google search bar was. As expected all widgets and many apps were not visible in safe mode. “Couldn’t add widget” was still there though. I rebooted to normal mode and was surprised that widgets were still gone. Moreover, all accounts (Davdroid, ownCloud, etc.) are gone and some apps lost their settings. The FP2 launcher also crashes right after boot. Guess I will finally get to try “adb restore”.

Should we consider the safe mode, hm, unsafe? :worried:
Maybe it is this bug from 2013?

I experienced the same on FP1 once (I think it was the only time I went to save mode). I halfway assumed this was normal behavior.

At Open OS 16.11.0 I booted into safe mode, because I have issues with some apps. After the boot most of my apps have been greyed out, but the issues have been there still :worried: So I couldn’t find out the course of the issues.
Rebooting back to normal mode I could use all apps as before, including the issues. Nothing has been deleted.

From a quick glance at your other posts I believe your issues were caused by something going wrong during the update, so naturally safe mode doesn’t solve them. I’d advise you to reinstall the update.

Thank you, Paul for looking at my posts!
I did an update again already, but it didn’t change anything. :disappointed:
The next step, I assume, is to do a factory reset with loosing all data and a complete new installation of the Open OS.
For that I would have prepared a complete Titanium backup, also a complete TWRP backup.
But I don’t know how I can do specific restores for the apps, I have installed, for my data (not important, because mails and addresses are stored at the Posteo server) and my accounts, but without restoring my issues of course.
Do you know a manual or wiki about such special proceedings?