Running hot with two sim cards

The FP2 runs hot. I mean having to drop it hot, when inserting two sim cards. Not the battery but the top half part. Is having two sim cards taxing the FP2 too much?

Now you know why bluetooth is misbehaving…:wink:

No, serious.

Also here I can state for sure the dual-sim feature may operate as it should.
I can speak for me using it troubleless since >2 years up to 4g/H+ if available and there are also other users in this forum who can state the same.

But occasionally there are users reporting problems but they usually can be resolved quickly after further investigation.

Sorry, I may repeat myself :wink:, but which OS are you running on and is it the most recent version?

Also it could be of use to know which providers/networks your sim cards should connect to, for how long are you having both cards/using the dual-sim feature?

Please take another check on the specific network settings for each sim card as for new devices the default factory settings turned out to be set wrong.

How did you proceed when inserting your cards? Did you do it at once booting up the phone then?

Both slots are technically the same. There is no specific order or preference for call and network selection. All is done by software.
Important here: only one slot can be selected for high-speed data while the other one then can automatically only operate on the 2G network for calls.
Which one is up to you. But check the “wrong” default settings. They may both be set for using “4g”. After having maybe corrected this please reboot again.


Generally not, as I’m also using the phone with two SIM cards. But two SIMs make the phone communicating with cell towers twice as much as with one SIM, so it consumes more energy and in case making the phone generally “warmer”, especially when having lots of handshakes like driving car. But occasionally I have some overheating as well, but this also happen easily with just one SIM, e.g. when suddenly O2 4G handshake is failing for some time.

Do you have all radios turned on (Bluetooth, Wifi, cell)? How about nearby handshake turned on? I find that especially this feature consumes lots of energy and heats up the phone. Giving two SIMs by then maybe kicks it over the top?

Partially I agree if it comes to a lot of far movement using e.g. navigation apps.
But in normal state, just being passive on the way in a backpack I could not realize any noticeable temperature rise. Usually I find it somewhere between 20° C- 30° C which is not critical.
Referring to our body temperature at 37° C normal, or 30° C for the “cool” :sweat_smile: this should still feel acceptable.

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I’m curious what you mean by nearby handshake, I can’t find that feature in stock Android 6. Is it specific to the OS you are using?

My phone has worked with 2 SIMs without issues while in Africa. Now with one SIM, I definitely recognise that it’s a bit hotter if signal is bad. I had that a number of times in Germany, especially on the Autobahn in the north of the country where the signal is quite spotty. Still I find it hard to imagine cell towers can cause it to become unbearably hot.

Maybe, when inserting the second SIM card, there is some scanning of the phone data and synchonizing going on, that makes the SoC work overtime and overheating.
Might be some app, that is making use of the second card, or a really long list of contacts?

Have you waited some time after inserting the second SIM if that overheating stops?
Usually it’s some app, that is “going berserk”, when the phone starts getting hot.
In cases like that, I usually shut the phone down and start again after a short while (sometimes up to three times).
But should it be a kind of initialization of the SIM, that’s expected behaviour, that has to be passed once.
Just guessing of course.

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In this forum I could read of some users having specifically heat problems (sometimes reboots) if data was set to 4g and the network coverage was not so good. Using 3g was more stable but of course less satisfying.

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Hi Albert,

no, I mean whatever Google calls “nearby”. That is, searching for Wifi hotspots, even when Wifi is turned off* which comes in stock FP2 GMS Android, and secondly Bluetooth turned always on so that your previously paired devices can easily connect.

I was wondering if all radio settings turned on can make the phone easier able to overheat.

*) some Google-Android setting that you should turn off (I don’t recall wether it is turned on or off by default), unless you want to use indoor navigation based on these tokens or faster Google location based services

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You’ll mean wifi scanning. It is on by default (but I doubt it causes this problem).

My idea was that if ALL radio items are turned on plus this and that then may lead into troubles easier than without everything. E.g. Wifi turned on in some trains (Thalys especially but also sometimes Deutsche Bahn will easily lead to overheating which is not caused by two SIMs but has to do with their Wifi system and maybe the number of users.

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