Battery lasts only one day

Hi all,
I am facing that the battery at the beginning hat a using time of 2 days but now (after one month use) the battery lasts only one day and asks for recharging.
the update of the software did change nothing.
What can I do?

Fairphone wrote a blog entry with tips to improve the battery life:

I suffered this problem just a week before selling my FP1 to a friend after receiving my FP2.
If your usage scenario didn’t change and you used the same charger, I suppose your battery is strting to bloat and you should monitor its physical status very carefully!
My battery started to have a weird charging behavior, while charging from empty I saw “spikes” from 3-4% to instantly 15-20% and a total charging time of about 1 hour while previously it needed at least 1,5 hours (with the same charger).
I think you should try to see if there are signs of physical deformation or something else and contact the support in order to have a replacement battery.

@DjDas The OP seems to have a FP2 (they state that "after one month of usage’ battery lifetime went down). You still have your FP1, don’t you? :slight_smile:

Oops sorry I didn’t notice the “after one month of use” statement :slight_smile:
No, for 1 week I have my new FP2 and already sold the FP1 to a friend of mine :slight_smile:
Bye! :slight_smile:

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@Alfred_Tuellmann did you install additional applications or changed configuration of apps?

My FP2 has a battery runtime of approximately 1 - 1.5 days since I configured K-9 mail for 4 email accounts. With only 1 account the battery runtime was much longer. So in my case it seems to be a kind of wakelock issue. Typically in my battery stats K-9 mail is the top battery drainer with up to almost 50% battery usage.

What do ypur battery stats say? Are there e.g. any apps that you hardly use but which are massively draining the battery? If you happened to check the battery stats before the runtime decrease began: is there any change in the ranking or distribution of apps?


I kolled the processes which drained the battery most. (Google maps with location information). It is a bit better now. But I have a maximum of one day now. (It is the phone of my wife and she uses the phone not much). My FP2 is much more in use and the battery lasts minimum 1,5 day. Most of the time I have power for 2 days.
This looks for me as the battery has an issue.

You might want to look at this thread here:

We are just in the process of finding out, what drains our FP1 batteries. The procedure should be very similar to FP2 (same diagnosis apps).

You can check if your WiFi is always on (no matter if it is off). Go to settings - wifi - advanced and check the setting for scanning always available. If this is on, the FP2 always scans wifi for positioning improvement. Some apps are enabling this feature. For me it makes a rather big difference in battery time if it is on or off.

By the way, my battery lasts about 12-16 hours with dual SIM, BT always on and WiFi only at home. But that is similar to my previous phone.

Up to now my best battery performance was with update 1.3.x. where it probably would had lasted more than 24h. But now with the latest update 1.5.x I guess it wouldn´t.

Generally I have wifi enabled only at home unless I have a occasion and need for it on my way. Usually I have two sims active. But I made many restrictions to apps (mainly if not being used) and also installed “noroot firewall” to keep apps off from permanently using any available network connection (again google apps).
Of course this won´t help much if someone needs regularly synchronization.
But for me it helped saving not only battery power but also data contingent.

So battery life is totally acceptable for me.

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