Routing FP2 calls via WiFi

Hello, my mobile phone reception at home is poor. It hasn’t bothered me too much (I’m the age to prefer a landline) but is becoming more awkward.
I have looked at how to route calls using my WiFi and instructions tell me to press ‘buttons’ that my FP2 doesn’t appear to have.
Searching this forum added confusion! Can anyone help please?
Also would I be able to use this for texts, calls, or both?
I am grateful to this community for help and support.

I absolutely feel with you as I have the same problem while my wife with her unfairphone can call in our whole flat while I should keep close to some windows. What you are looking for is known under the terms “wifi calling” or “voice over wifi” (short: VoWifi). The current state is: VoWifi doesn’t seem to be supported by the chipset, VoLTE (related technology for calling over LTE) however is supported by the chipset but not on the software side. This (and the slowly coming end of 3G) is why some users (me included) would like to see this in the upcoming Android 9 for the FP2. VoWifi however most probably won’t ever make it to the FP2. Technically it looks like if VoWifi was supported text messages could be sent via this channel, too. FP3 users could confirm this with own experiences, I think.

Not quite the info you are looking for but FP3 does do wifi calling, I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise as I just about zero mobile signal.

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Thank you. I did see these earlier posts, but I couldn’t easily follow them.

I have to say that I am reluctant to shell out for FP3. I bought FP2 outright 5 years ago, understanding that it could be ‘updated’ but I now see that this is not so. I can’t use it hands-free in the car and I can’t route via WiFi, and I don’t understand why these upgrades can’t be made available.
We use our mobile very little (mainly on holiday and carry it day-to-day for emergencies). I use PAYGO and spend only a few pounds a year + about £10 when on holiday and using data.
So I don’t want to pay monthly and neither do I want to pay £420 for something that will become obsolete.
I am sure that this sounds very quaint to most mobile phone users! But we have always tried to be ethical consumers. Sorry - this is rather off-topic!

Ethics is not off topic, far from it, i found most people (99.9999999%) don’t want to take it seriously enough to put on the miners shoes, eat grass like wild rabbit or live of sunshine like plants. All very understandable discussions on ethics fail when someone is a consumer, someone, something, somewhere is being consumed without informed consent.

OK back to the phone. Yes the perceived upgrade option is part of our consumer expectation, and sadly in this instance doesn’t include wifi calling ~ it seems.

But it would be better to ask Fairphone officially, and not rely on the peer to peer forum :slight_smile:


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