How To set up Wifi Calling?


I would like to use Wifi calling on my Fairphone 2. My network (O2) supports it and i’ve found the setting on my fairphone (by searching ‘calling’) but when I turn on the setting it turns it self off again.

Am I doing something wrong?

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If using the search function with “wifi calling” you will find several topics about this feature.
Up to now I haven´t heard (read) of someone who got this feature to work with his FP2 in the way it is intended.


This was entered in the bugtracker earlier, Fairphone apparently rejected the bug and responded
“Unfortunately, VoWiFI is not supported on the FP2.”


That’s a shame I have terrible reception in my home area and my operator enables the feature :frowning: Hopefully it is fixed soon.

I do have the impression operators change their policies and migrate from voice channels to data channels. It looks like more and more operators (even “cheap” resellers) activate VoWifi and WoLTE. maybe one can convince FairPhone to implement the necessary base functions, if necessary (if neither FPO{O}S nor lineageos can’t use it, it seems there’s some base functionality missing…)



Having a more detailed reason for this would be appreciated. Is it not wanted by FP or impossible due to dependencies of Google, what´s the reason?
Hopefully FP will respond on this once more.
If it was FP dependent only, maybe it´s coming with Android 7. That would be very much liked by many users I think.

That´s bad.
Actually there is nothing broken, but this feature is not implemented. We don´t know for what reason, only left with the rejection answer of FP. There´s only to hope.

Yes, seems so (even for free…). :slightly_frowning_face:

In this case, I woud guess it’s more an issue of the chipset, missing proprietary drivers or maybe just a licensing issue with Qualcomm.
Just wild guessing, though.

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Perhaps you are on to something.

The Fairphone 2’s Snapdragon 801

"Next-generation Calling Services

  • HD Voice over 3G and VoLTE"

… as compared to e.g. the Snapdragon 810

"Next-generation Calling Services

  • Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) with LTE call continuity
  • HD Voice over 3G and VoLTE"

On the other hand … Over here @ChuckMorris hinted at the Snapdragon 801 powered Samsung Galaxy S5 supporting this feature, and a quick search backs this up with this claiming you could just toggle it on with a Galaxy S5.

I guess it would be best to wait for the Android 7 Fairphone OS and if it doesn’t work with that, then to enter it in the bugtracker again asking for an explanation in case it can’t be done …


Good point. So if the chipset is capable of wifi calling, that would leave the potential licensing issue.
Another topic could be that VoWIFi / VoLTE would need some (device or carrier specific) software that’s neither part of AOSP nor delivered by the chipset vendor.

Regarding VoLTE, Telefonica (O2) says:

So, maybe it’s more a firmware thing? On lineageOs the setting for VoLTE is searchable, but not displayed.
With the service menu (dial * # * #4636#* #* no spaces!) the settings for VoLTE/VoWiFi are grayed out

Edit: hijacking it a bit in direction VoLTE: remarks in LineageOs-Code:

This was from a Apr 1 Post



Yes I agree partially, as it looks so far: But precisely read into the details, we have:

  • HD Voice over 3G and VoLTE

Which is mobile network based, not related to/needing WiFi.

We don´t have:

  • Voice over WiFi(VoWiFi) with LTE

Were WiFi seems to be a mandatory feature for this to work in combination.

Now, how this is made possible with the mentioned Samsung models is not quite clear. I assume since both, WiFi & LTE are available it can be done by a software workaround as well. Later Snapdragon Chips (810) have this functionality fixed in silicone.
Just as with other functions e.g. audio/video codecs. They may be supplied by software libraries which are installed or the app may also directly call the available internal hardware routines for playback.
If WiFi(VoWiFi) is not yet fixed in silicone for the 801 version it probably still can be made available by software using a bit more resources while actually in use.
But availability is depending on FP for unknown reasons.

Looking at this feature again I have to realize that the list of possible but not provided/used/implemented features is growing, but should rather be shrinking making/keeping FP2 interesting:

  • NFC (using an internal add-on)
  • Qi charging (add-on, there are community DIY add-ons available and working already) for those who are in need of this feature…
  • Alternative cover with a bit more space in the back for extensions
  • Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology (which most probably needs a core module redesign, hence unlikely to come)
  • USB-C bottom module as alternative for replacement/order option (for those who are in need of this, won´t change much but the connection socket, anyway)
  • VoLTE (generally supported by SoC)
  • VoWiFi (probably possible by a software solution->Samsung Galaxy S5)
  • BT4.1 instead of 4.0LE (don´t know why it´s not the later anyway as it´s not hardware but only software related)
  • Evaluate larger sd cards working, as successfully being used by FP2 users already (256GB) + update HP technical Specifications

Let´s see what´s coming up…


I also enabled VoLTE for my contract today, well it seems I cannot use it on FP2. Let’s see…

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I think it can be solved by software. But actually Nougat is just within being ported which has higher priority over implementing new features.
And later regular security updates/fixes may be provided again as we were used.

We did not get much specific software provided for Marshmallow. So I am curious if this will change once we have Nougat.

As we have poor reception at home and our internet provider (KPN) is providing wifi calling lately (it’s working on my wife’s Iphone), I would really like this feature, callers are now blaming the FP for the poor voice quality… Moreover I am also using my FP for my job.

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