Round piece at back of fairphone 3


a round piece fell off the back of my FP3 and from what I see it is not available for purchase on the spares. I think that my network connectivitiy is being affected as a result. Any tips or advice?


I attach a picture

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I think the outside of the fingerprint sensor fell off. Usually this should not affect connectivity, but maybe others know more.

Step 9, photo 3 here:

And you are right, it is not available in the spare parts shop, but only through Fairphone’s Repair contractor at Cordon, France. It’s part of the “Rear module” here:


Thank you!

I had a quick look at these articles but couldn’t link up what fingerprint sensor looks like?

But yes, the bit with the round bit that fell off is in the screenshot attached - is that the fingerprint sensor?

Thanks so much!

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 10.12.19

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Yes, the part that looks like the tool train platform staff use (or used to use) to clear trains for departure. :wink:

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That’s the one!! Ok - thank you so much. To be honest, I think I might just need to take the phone apart again and scrub off any rusty bits with alcohol, this may help with connectivity? But glad that the bit I lost is just the fingerprint sensor, as I never used that anyway. Phew! Thanks

I have never heard any hint that the fingerprint sensor piece would include an antenna as well. When you reassemble the device, make sure to find something to seal the area where the part is missing – in order to prevent more dust from entering the housing. Maybe just some tape on the inside of the back cover is sufficient. Bear in mind though this would have the sticky side exposed at the outside (i.e. catching dust), so the tape construction might need to be a bit more elaborate.


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