[ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 for FP3

I flashed LOS on my FP3, and it’s working pretty good so far.
But trust gave me a warning that this build was made with public keys. I’m not sure what this means, but a quick websearch hasn’t been able to tell me why this should worry me.

that warning means that we (meaning Max or myself) haven’t bothered to sign the ROM in any way, but are using default behavior. Signing the system software is done by the “official” distributions as a certification and guarantee to users that they are getting the original stuff, and not some manipulated and possibly malicious build by evil hackers. It is the same idea as with the little lock symbol you see up there at the browser address line at the top that is claiming that you are really looking at an official Fairphone website.

This warning will go away when the FP3 phone ROM is officially recognized and supported by LineageOS, because at that point the ROM will be built on their servers and signed using private keys known only to the developers there.


Hello again!
I use the rom (without microG) now every day and there is only one little issue: Wenn playing music with the installed player and screen off everything is fine. But when pushing the on/off button to interact there is a quiet creaking for about half a second. This is only after a few minutes without interaction - maybe some kind of energy saving issue.
But everything else I use regularly works really fine. :slightly_smiling_face:
Great work! :+1:

Hi all,
I have submitted a request to go official with the ROM to the LineageOS devs.
I am confident that we have 99% of all issues resolved. I have been using the LineageOS ROM every day now for weeks and am quite satisfied with stability, features, and performance. Thanks to all the brave souls here who were willing to test with us, and let’s see how the response is. :wink:


Good news! maybe it’s time to retire my FP2!

Great to hear that! I keep my fingers crossed for you.

By the way, I testet a little bit with my sound issue: Som installed music player from f-droid had the problem in slitely other way: No creaking but one little break (just long enough to realize it).
But on the other hand my podcast player (AntennaPod) has absolutly no problem.

Thanks for your efforts! I got my FP3 two a week ago and now successfully installed your LineageOS ROM. Perhaps it might help others, below is roughly what I did. Although there are better guides here and there, this puts it all in one place. So perhaps useful for others here. Use at your own risk.

Installation guide for LineageOS on the FP3 from a stock ROM. Prerequisites: a computer with adb and fastboot installed.

  1. Get your access code here: https://www.fairphone.com/en/bootloader-unlocking-code-for-fairphone-3/

  2. As per https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041655711-Unlock-the-bootloader-of-your-Fairphone-3:
    2a. Enable OEM unlocking
    2b. Reboot into bootloader: “adb reboot-bootloader” (or power + volume down when devices is off)
    2d. Run “fastboot oem unlock <your unlock code>” after the device is in the menu
    2e. Follow the instructions on the device - all data will be wiped so make sure you have your data safe

  3. Download the .img version of TWRP (3.4.0 or newer) from https://eu.dl.twrp.me/FP3/

  4. Download the latest LineageOS ROM for FP3 from https://github.com/WeAreFairphone/android_device_fairphone_FP3/releases (choose between with and without MicroG)

  5. As per this thread:
    5a. Reboot into bootloader: “adb reboot-bootloader” (or power + volume down when devices is off)
    5b. Reboot into TWRP (not installing it, just booting into): “fastboot boot twrp-3.4.0-0-FP3.img
    5c. Inside TWRP: Swipe to allow modifications first
    5d. Enable sideloading: Advanced -> ADB Sideload -> Swipe
    5e. Then from your computer, run: “adb sideload lineage-16.0-20200625-UNOFFICIAL-FP3-with-microG.zip” (or other .zip)
    5f. Select back (don’t reboot yet) and select Wipe -> Format Data -> yes
    5g. Now “Reboot System” and LineageOS should show up

  6. After boot into LineageOS, in case of MicroG and GCM:
    6a. Do the MicroG self-check and make sure everything is ticked
    6b. Enable ‘Google device registration’ and ‘Google Cloud Messaging’ in MicroG settings
    6c. Dial the phone ‘number’: *#*#2432546#*#* (for GCM - make sure it says it is connected)
    6d. Only then install apps (through F-Droid or Aurora Store)


Which is the objective of 6b and 6c? I am not used to MicroG. That registration happens automatically when you boot a FP3 with the default ROM?

If it becomes official for FP3 will it then be available from the Lineage download page as for Fairphone 2 ?

If it becomes official for FP3 will it then be available from the Lineage download page as for Fairphone 2 ?

Sure, plus official certification with LineageOS keys, see above, automatic builds and regular scheduled updates.


Great prospects!
Are there plans for LineageOS 17 already?

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I haven’t used 17 yet, and I don’t know if it is connected to a later Android version (10?). After the official LineageOS integration goes through I will look into it.


If they don’t accept it and you need some additional testers. Just ask for it here.
I would like to offer my help.


Hi, i Testung the Rom and its very great and for me all working.

I have a question : I get the message for upgrade to the New Jun Update but when ich touch the message it do nothing …
Have anyone the same ? Why get i update message from Stock Rom ?

Thank …

Which build no. (of the update) is mentioned?

Hi the Nummer is :

FP3 A.0134,

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Installation went smooth. However, I experienced some weird shutdowns using this build. Only way to boot device again was by removing the battery and insert it again. Had two such crashes in a week, then I went on to another OS.

Yes LineageOS 17 resp. 17.1 is Android 10. Actually I do not even know if the normal Fairphone Android is at version 10 at the moment, as this LineageOS is running tha fine on my phone.

Nope, it’s Android 9 (although it is not excluded that an update to 10 will come sometime).

Thanks for the information.

Sometime … That does not sound so nearby.