[ROM] [UNOFFICIAL][ANDROID 13] SparkOS 13.3 for FP3

Hi everyone !

I recently built the UNOFFICIAL SparkOs ROM with Android 13 for the FP3, i have almost fix all bugs and except for fingerprint it’s fonctionnal and very smooth.
When remaining bug will be fixed i will apply to SparkOs team to make this rom official.

Let me introduce it !

SparkOS ( spark-os.live ) is an AOSP based ROM, packed with many features without sacrificing stability and performance.
In short a fully functional operating system as stable and customizable as it should be.

Downlaod links

Installation instructions
Link to the XDA post

If you enconter any bugs please answer on the original thread.


All bugs were fixed, version 13.4 is released.
Spark OS 13.4 with gapps

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A bug remain in 13.4 build about access point, it works but disable wifi until next reboot, i’m on it.

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Let me tell you a big THANK YOU from me who were looking for a “native” Android 13 ROM from my FP3 (GSI don’t work correctly, with memory overflow, disappearing fingerprints and low performance).
And Spark is my 2nd favorite ROM behind crDroid :blush:

I’m running the 13.4 No GApps version.
Didn’t tried the WiFi Access point, as I prefer to share connection through USB cable.

Only “bug” I have on this ROM: In the statusbar, the Bluetooth icon is shown as long as the Bluetooth is activated, even when no device is connected.

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Thank you for your feedback, I will look at the bluetooth problem once I have fixed the wifi bug.

Does anyone know why fingerprint is disappearing after flashing GSI updates? It’s an known issue on my GSI rom Android 13 with gapps for Fairphone FP3(+) (Treble GSI)

Did you set the config_cleanupUnusedFingerprints var to false in your framework/base overlay ? I’m not 100% sure of the vart name in your case it is used in the fw/b patch named “0028-Allow-disabling-of-fingerprint-cleanups-needed-on-so.patch”
You can see my commit here : FP3: Prevent cleanup unused fingerprint · Meriemi-git/android_device_fairphone_FP3@a24fe76 · GitHub


Here is another minor bug I sometimes encounter: The SystemUI crashes and restarts on the lockscreen.
I have a schedule for Dark theme, it seems that it’s when my device switches to Dark/Light theme upon screen on. There is no problem when I switch manually the theme while screen is already on.

Not a big deal because it occurs max. 2 times a day and I only lose some seconds…

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