Android 13 with gapps for Fairphone FP3(+) (Treble GSI)

Current version Android 13 release 18 security path December 2022


It works on my FP3+ ™. Use at your own risk.
You can report issues here Issues · danielzhang130/aosp_changes · GitHub, but I’m not going to guarantee a reply.

Download link


Features working

  • minimal set of included apps
  • built in gapps
  • passes SafetyNet and Google Wallet functional out of the box
  • Nova launcher prime
  • Material You theme picker
  • Bluetooth
  • Nearby share
  • Calling
  • Duo sim
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • No browser forced on you, install your favorite
  • Not rooted

Features not working

Please report issues by creating an issue on Issues · danielzhang130/aosp_changes · GitHub

Flash instructions

  • backup your data and unlock bootloader (see Fairphone support site for unlock code)
  • boot into fastboot (turn phone off, hold down vol-down and plug in usb cable)
  • wipe data with fastboot -w YOUR DATA IS NOW GONE
  • download and unzip image
  • flash images with
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification vbmeta vbmeta.img
  • reboot fastboot rebboot
  • good luck!

Build instructions (for experienced users only)



Hi, thats very interesting
Im just wondering: how does it compare to reguar ‘native’ LOS?

LineageOS provides the system partition as well as the vendor partition. The system partition is open source, vendor contains all proprietary binaries (extracted from the original phone). My ROM is a GSI, which means it only has system partition. The flashing process leave the original vendor partition intact.

What this means for day to day use is less obvious. In theory, GSI should work pretty much out of the box on any (fairly new) phones, but in practice, it has bugs. LineageOS provides its own vendor partition, so it’s hard to say what works and what not.

Also I’m just myself, building this ROM mainly for my own needs. If something doesn’t work, but I don’t care for my day to day use, then I won’t investigate and fix it. Lineage is a whole team, so there’s more chance of things getting fixed.


Updated version Android 13 release 30 security patch February 2023

Featured changes:

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great you’re posting your GSI work, it’s a nice mechanism for more ROMs.

I went on browsing the source repos. If you distribute the treble zips publicly you probably do not want to include the mitmproxy certificate patch - not saying that you do, I haven’t checked.

Nice catch!

The rom is primarily made for my own purposes. I have the mitmproxy root certificate just so I can easily decrypt traffic on my phone. It’s not a security risk, since I have not published the private key.

Keep up the good auditing!

Updated version Android 13 release 35 security patch March 2023

Featured changes:

  • Fixed fingerprint disappearing after system restarts (Thanks @Meriemi)
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Updated version Android 13 release 35 security patch March 2023


  • auto brightness

Updated version Android 13 release 41 security patch April 2023

Updated version Android 13 release 63 security patch July 2023


  • Fix play integrity, safetynet checks
  • Free original quality photo on Google photos
  • Degoogled wifi captive portal detection

Updated version Android 13 release 74 security patch August 2023

Updated version Android 13 release 74 security patch August 2023


  • Fix latest play integrity check

Development continues in Android 14 thread