Ringtone stopped working

my ringtones stopped working for some reason the other day, messages still have their sound and it is exclusively the ringtone. how do i fix this issue?


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If you go to Settings > Sound, is Ring volume turned up?


I had the same issue last weekend and was wondering why my FP 3 wouldn’t ring or signal for anything, is was just mute. Restarting the phone helped and everything was back to normal. Seems like the service for ringtones just freezes up from time to time.


Hey! it worked! thanks :smiley:


Well, this is obviously a bug then and should be fixed by Fairphone in the next update hopefully.

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Je crois que la sonnerie et le vibreur ne peuvent pas fonctionner en même temps. Si le vibreur est mis, la sonnerie est interrompue. Avec certains smartphone (Samsung par exemple), les deux peuvent fonctionner, mais pas FP3.

Hi all,
I have been using my FP3 now for a while and found the following issue:
Occasionally (and in random manner) the phone does not ring when a phonecall comes in. As I have set it to “ring and vibrate” I some times get the calls, but only when wearing the FP3 in my pocket. But mostly not.

The FP3 is in locked mode and so not used. Apps are in background. Of course there this no “do not disturb” mode and the ringtone volume is set to maximum.

A restart solves the problem - the phone starts to ring and vibrate then again as usual.

But as this occurs without any explainable reason it is akward because I do miss calls.
Any idea where that error comes from?

I have the same. Twice restart, Volume max, no result. What can I do?

What happens if you select another ringtone?
For instance select ‘Sunbeam’.

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Will try that when it occurs the next time. Thanks for the hint! :slightly_smiling_face:

With another ringtone there happens nothing.

By testing the reciever test, all was oke. By calling to my fairphone3 I
get the vibration, but not a ringtone.

The support of Fairhhone has no solution for this problem. I have restart in the factory mode.
Too bad. It does not work. I haven no ringtone. The other sounds works. What now?

Just a question: Have you disabled any kind of notifications in the settings?

Did you really have to set it back to factory settings?
I have the same problem, but a “normal” restart fixed it.
I found out, that after a “do not disturb” period this problem occured. That means, that you have returned back to “normal” but the ringtone does not come back.
Have no other solution than to restart the phone.
Bad situation but at least a solution here.

Ik have set my FP really back to the factory setting, but without result.

A normal restart don’t fix the problem.

Is there nobody who can help me. No ringtone and battery time max 24 hours.
The support of Fairphone don not really help me. What can I do.

Can you play music? If you can the speaker is fine.

The speaker is OK.

I can listen to music. Ik can also make a call.

Is the phone rooted? Does the phone has any updates? It is very strange that the ringtones do not work, but the speaker works, even after resetting, restarting, very strange and makes no sense to me. Your only option is to take advantage of warranty I’m afraid.


The phone is not rooted.