Returning my new but defect Fairphone

Good evening to everyone, I hope I’m right here.
I recieved my fairphone in november 2014 and everything was fine until 2015 began, because then I noticed a little problem with the touchscreen, which I ignored at first. Yesterday I wrote messages in WhatsApp and suddenly the touchscreen didn’t react to my touches any more but letters were wrote very fast, apps were opened/closed uncontrolled and so on without me doing anything. I coudn’t even turn it off until after many tries it finally did a new start but it wrote the PIN wrong (again without me doing anything) till the PUK should be entered, which didn’t work because it doesn’t react to my touches and if it does, it addes wrong touches by itself. With much luck I could type the PUK and the PIN in, but I can’t unlock it any more. So I can’t do anything now. I’d like to return it and I’m looking forward for a helpful answer, thank you.

You cannot arrange a return through this forum as it’s a community led forum.

Please contact support directly on this link

Oh… Sorry and thank you

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