Return (within 14 days period). Solved: just call them


I would like to retunr my fiarphone 3+ (I am wihtin the 14 days).

I have tried to make contact via email (form on the webiste): no answer.
I have tried to call: voicemail says " there are no agents availble, call back later" (ouch, what a bad system).

How do I return my phone?

And on a broader note, why is it so difficult to return a Fairpone product (I’ve seen similar posts), to the extent that the address for the return is not public?

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Did you check here: Return Policy - Fairphone ?

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Yup :frowning: .

But here is the conandrum. I have nto hear back from customer support :

cit "How to return a Fairphone product](Return Policy - Fairphone)

  1. Contact Fairphone Customer support before initiating a return."

How long have you waited for an answer until now?

It’s not unusual to start the return process with notifying the seller of the intent to return the product, and then the seller giving details on how to proceed.

Do you have an example at hand, where a company just posts an address online to where you can send a return without initiating any return process first?

Hi You only have to notify the vendors within 14 days. It may take a week before they respond and you should then receive a shipping label


But there is also the possibility shown to create a RMA ticket: Return Policy - Fairphone


Nope, the “platform” referred in this post to “create RMA ticket” is just their “send a question form” -where you can choose the topic as "existing product>Fairphone3>return.

I have done it, as per original post.

This is the 3rd working day and I have yet to receive an answer to my RMA ticket.

Thanks Amoun. This is pretty much the only useful answer I got so far :purple_heart:


How long: 3 working days (let’s exclude weekend days for this purpose ;

Returns: smaller clothing brands. Or for bigger brands such as Amazon or ASOS I never had to wait over 1 hour

I could not find a sign of that in your post.

You’re not the most patient person in the world, aren’t you?

It’s a pleasure to help you :disappointed:.

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Pinging @rae … How long does it (or should it) take usually?

Ah yes, clothing and shoes, that’s right.
Relatively high rate of returns expected from the start, so the return process is streamlined to the max by most sellers.

But you have to initiate a return process there, too, and not just send stuff back.

But ok, even if Fairphone perhaps don’t have to be Amazon level fast and convenient, I think with 3 working days about to be gone I would get impatient, too.

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Hi @Nina_Sinagra,

Apologies for the delay. Could you let me know what your support ticket number is? That way I can follow this up with our Customer Support team.



Hi @rae , I have not received one.

I completed the form 3 times on 2 different days. I have not checked the first time around (expecting some sort of auto response, with a ticked number as standard).

When nothing arrived, I decide to try again.

2nd time I receive a pop up when sending off the form saying “your request has been received”, but no confirmation via email or any other useful information to chase the “ticket” up :frowning:

(No, it’s not in the junk).

I tried a 3rd time on the sequent day (thinking that could it just be that the contact form is down for the customer service at Fairphone). Again I got the green tick/pop up when sending the form, but again no confirmation to my email that the forma has been sent :frowning:

Success: got through via phone to an agent and they will send me the various details to generate a code. Yuppiiii

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@Icanus: a troll on a voluntary support site? I am so baffled.

Troll? I seriously tried to help you, but you reacted quite rude.


Hi :slight_smile:
I think what @Incanus was pointing out is that your expectations of a quick response were not in line with Fairphone’s ability. Your other experiences would confirm that and I agree with you that your expectation was understandable given other quick responses you have had.

But @Incanus was pointing out that such expectations were unrealistic, hence my post to you that you may have to wait a week just to get a response.

By the way I’ve glad to hear you’ve made contact and yes the phone is quicker, but, like you, I would rather not have to make a call. I want a prompt email response within minutes.

To add insult to injury when I have raised a support query the initial response is we’ll get back to you soon usually within 3 day, which I found to be more like a week :frowning:

Then add to that the acknoweldgement says do not ask again we are working very hard, so by you sending repeated requests just cloged up the response time even more.

Sure it no ones fault but from a new customer’s view totally unacceptable, but then maybe you are young, I’m 73 and have learnt to downplay my expectations of others and myself.

I really hope your experience, although stressy can somehow be of use and by the way I wonder why you wanted to return the phone? Too big, too ugly ~ don’t even mention the poor support :slight_smile:


That’s a very important information.
Possibly there has been some technical problem, and your message didn’t even reach Fairphone.
Seems to be the most important info and explains the lack of reaction in my opinion.
The response is automated and should have arrived within minutes.
So, giving them a call was a real good idea.


Definitely that then. It’s pretty standard to have an automated response. But not having used the form before I did think “perhaps it’s not a feature they have” .

Ouch, I should have mentioned it to the agent yesterday. Hope they notice :thinking:

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@rae is the one human interface this forum gets to communicate with so I’m pretty sure that after asking for the support number rae will notify the relevant person that you didn’t get a proper response to the online form.

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