Return portal - have I booked a pick up?

I am in the process of returning my FP2 for repair or replacement. I have gone to the return portal and I THINK I have booked a pick up with DHL for this Thursday. But I didn’t receive any confirmation either from the portal or from DHL. Should I have? I sort of have a feeling that my booking is incomplete but I can’t see anything else that I should do.

The forum is mostly run by volunteers - who might happen to know because they did a return themselves, but can’t look into your order. The best way to find out would probably be to phone Fairphone: see The Forum Guide to... Fairphone Support, scroll down to ‘Contact Support’ to find the phone numbers.


Although I think it would be best to contact DHL in this case, as FP will have no information on the appointments made with DHL. And they should have the date in their system if an appointment has been fixed.


Thanks, yes sorry that is what I meant. Just if anyone had been through the return process and could tell me what to expect. But if not I guess I’ll have to contact DHL. Don’t fancy waiting in all day if they aren’t definitely coming.

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