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Hi there,

last time I checked, I could properly login to my 12return account. That time was before the grand forum update. I don’t know whether it has a relation, but when I tried to login today, I wasn’t able to. It says: “Either the password or e-mail address provided was not correct”

I have tried it numerous times with no success. Are there any other people with this issue? I’d like to know whether it’s an isolated incident or something more general.


Mine is still working with this URL. I created it on September 1st, 2016.
Maybe you used the wrong mail address or need to recover your password?

I reset my password and that’s what it said in the e-mail.

I don’t think that “Click to create password” is my actual new password, because it didn’t work and I somehow believe that there’s supposed to be a button or link to create a new password with.

Note that there are apparently two different return portals - depending on whether it’s a DOA return or otherwise (not sure whether related - but at least a warning that perhaps one of the portals is working, but not the other).:

I know. I pointed that out myself, including the fact that you can login at both if you register for one. :wink: And no, I can’t login on either.

Whoops, it was obviously past my bedtime when I responded. Well, still might be useful for others finding this topic…

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