Return from LineageOS to FP Open

I installed LOS 14.1 on my FP2. Also because of rebooting issues [Fairphone 2 does not power off when running LineageOS – Help required] (Fairphone 2 does not power off when running LineageOS – Help required) I’d like to switch to FP Open. Which of the releases on do I have to use? Or do I have to return to Fairphone OS first? Is that possible by using the backup I ran before flashing LOS? Thanks!

Hello @Ben85,
first, please remember to backup all your data, fotos and apps!!!

Yes, you can use the backup you created before switching to LOS - then update FPOOS and updating the apps. If you use WhatsApp - check online how to backup those files aswell.
You should wipe your phone before restoring the old backup file.


Thank you! As far as I can say so far everything worked fine!

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Just to let you know that since the last Lineage OS update, it power off correctly.


For me it still reboots instead, .
Ok, is just out and seems to work in that regard.
Nope, not everytime :frowning: .

You’re right, sometime my FP2 shut down, but most of time it reboots !

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