Return from lineage (microG) to fp OS - how to reduce tracking?

Dear Fairphoners,

after a few years on lineage for microG (based on Android 11 at the latest), I’m thinking about returning to the stock OS. I read about an announcement of switching FP OS to Android 11 during the first quart of 2022, which is very promising because this would prevent me from an complete new installation (of the OS and all apps…).
I found this post on the forum FP 4 google free android and I wonder if there is something similar and recent for FP3 with FP OS too.

If you are already a few years google free on the road and have no problems with microG it makes no sense to me to switch back to a fully pumped Google system and then go the rocky road to get the system google free. Which will never succeed 100%.
Why only? That is the madness. Why do you want to get back in bed with the devil?

You don’t buy an e-car and then convert it to a combustion engine.

Please explain to me the reason

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:smile: What a beautiful metaphor!
My main considerations for getting back into this “adventure” are some (albeit few) limitations that unfortunately still come with operating with microG.
The ones that bother me the most are:

  • Problems with APPS that realize payment transactions and complain that “the operating system is manipulated”. Example: public transport in VRR (Germany).
  • Restricted online banking at banks without branch operations.
  • Problems with purchased APPS that can only verify licenses via the google framework.
  • Lack of “Chromecast” support (I know the Cc system is very old - but I value sustainability).

So if there were any valuable hints to work around these issues that could keep me out of the devil’s bed, I would be very grateful for them.


I think you’ll find a lot of helpful information in this topic:


OK, I understand.
All of this is not relevant for me.
Not my use-cases.

  • I don’t use apps with payment transactions.
  • I only use FOSS apps without licensing and payment
  • I don’t use banking apps on my daily driver because of security reasons. Use a dedicated phone only for banking 2FA authentication
  • I don’t use chromacast or similar

But I think if all your bullet points are showstoppers for you, you will have no other chance as to go back in bed to the devil :wink:

But then consequently also use this ringtone :rofl:

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…and for this delicate jobs your dedicated phone is having fun in the devils bed? Sorry, just for my understanding.

A death you must die

Pure fake account on mobile
Uninstalled and disabled everything that is not needed
Just Playservices, Playstore is aurora Store
No Google Services
Google account all disabled
The phone does not leave the house

Used only for the 2FA and TAN generators
Not for banking itself
If the bank offers a hardware generator (ING) then I use it.

Otherwise the phone is turned off.

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Lucky me I don’t use those apps, but equally only de-google the default OS.

Power and control, we have it and some want more than others. Fair trade and being vegan etc. isn’t on the menu for everyone. People are animals and eat.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so is the devil.
:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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