[Resolved] Some FP2s are listed as €437.50 while the actual price is still €525

Hi, hope I selected the right forum section for this.

There seems to be a problem in the FP shop, where (depending on the back color you choose here : http://shop.fairphone.com/) FP2s are wrongly listed as €437.50 or other random prices that seem to change over time. Maybe it’s regional, so I’d like to point out I’m french… See for example :

However once in the basket the price gets back to €525

This probably is the price without VAT.

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@Stefan is correct.

Ah it’s a shame I can’t reproduce it, but the matter was not with how expensive it was or whether it was taking VAT into account, but the fact that the different back-colored phones were listed with separate prices. You could open the “Matte Blue” shop page and have a price of €437.50 then open the “Translucent Black” one and have a price of €520.

Seems there has been change in the shop since, I hope I have been of help.

EDIT : Got it :smile: these were two tabs I opened one right after the other :

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Thanks for bringing it to our attention and the screenshot. We’re looking into it.

The price most likely did not include VAT based on the screenshot you have with the lower price, but would have reflected the VAT in the cart. Issue should now be fixed.


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