Reset "record peace of mind"


Does anyone know if it is possible to reset the record peace of mind statistic. For some reason mine says 24188… minutes. I don’t think I’ll ever beat that…

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You could reinstall the OS with the Updater App, but make sure you backup your important data first.

I already tried that for a different reason, I think that is what put the 24188 minutes there.

Strange. Well then, if it’s really important to you, you could try a hard reset.

Thanks, It’s no big deal I’ll leave it as is.

Where can I find the “Peace of mind” in FP2? There is only an information how long I did “take a break” from using my phone…

I found this app

in the Playstore, but I do not think that is the original one?

Any ideas?


Same for me. Where is the app? Can’t find it.

I noticed the same Bug (without reinstalling the OS). My record was suddenly set to some value > 20.000 minutes.

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For those searching for the Peace of Mind Apps: It seems it’s been depreciated for an existing function in Android 5.1:

The amount of time you’ve had “peace of mind” (based on Android’s “no interruptions” setting).

Source: Blog - Software features of the Fairphone 2 - paragraph Interactive Clock

The function can be found at: Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Interruptions

About how to reset the counter: No idea, but maybe the counter is in fact buggy.

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I’ve come accross a weird bug too : the counter tells (un french) i’ve had fairphone for 46 years and a week (january 1970 ;-)) : do anyone have the same problem ?

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Does your POM counter actually work? Mine says my record is 388 minutes, but if I activate no interruptions I’m always at 0 minutes - unless a call or message attempts to come through when it will move up to 1 minute.

Might be a different problem, but be interested to know if it’s working at all for you?

@Jon1, @mansuetus I think I know what caused this:

I just reset my phone to start again (even google-free-er than before; because somehow some google (anti)services crept in…) and didn’t enter my Wi-Fi password when setting up. I then got to a screen I didn’t see the last time I set up asking me to change date and time “if necessary”.
The date and time was set to 1.1.1970 11:11.

I guess maybe you didn’t have internet connection when you set up your phone so since the phone believed then that it was 1970 it now believes you had your phone since then.


I have the same problem: just got my phone today, it works fine (except for the famous thouch screen glitches when maintaining the pressure), but the date was initially set on 01.01.1970, but as soon as the date was automatically updated by the signal, it went on 46 years and 20 days!
How do you think we could reset the counter?

My phone was showing the Peace of Mind counter which I really liked but now is showing how long the battery will last until next charge. Does anyone know how I get the POM counter back>

Yes, just tap on the battery time. It’s a widget with mutiple pages, it also shows a clock.

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Brilliant! Thanks for that Jori.

@paulakreuzer: I can confirm this. I flashed my self-compiled OS and there was no setup. The date was set to 9th (or 11th, don’t remember, but it was not 1st) January 1970. Before connecting to any Wifi, I changed the date manually in the settings to the current date, but the counter then displayed: “Your Fairphone for 03 months, 00 weeks, 02 days”, which is obviously not true. However, I’m not sure if this matches @Stefan’s observation, as the end of october seems too early to me as manufacturing date of the motherboard. But I might be wrong …

It should be like this. Read this:

@Douwe, any news on this?

Is the POM counter buggy or not?
I got my FP2 about 2 weeks ago and had every day the clock on my startscreen. Today afternoon I suddenly got the POM counter on my startscreen. How did that happen? I haven’t change my interruption settings, I even haven’t set a downtime.
I want my clock & date back.

It’s a widget with different screens. Tap it to go through the screens.