Reset button appears on homescreen

Yesterday all of the sudden I got a new button on my homescreen, next to the app-button: it says “reset”. I have no idea what the purpose is… When I hit it I get two options: “are you sure” and “cancel”. As I’m not sure at all, I hit cancel. As expected nothing happens then, but the button remains on my homescreen.

Does anybody know what the purpose is, and why all of the sudden it appears, and how I can remove it from the homescreen ?

Hi There,

Can you share with us a Screenshot?

Here is how t make a screenshot:

@Guy_Buytaert Is this the most recent / most used apps widget? This has a reset button in the top right hand corner and all it does is reset the data of which apps have been most used or been used recently.

If this is the case, it’s nothing to worry about, you’ve probably just scrolled right on your home screen. You can scroll back left to get back to your main homescreen.

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@Chris_R is probably right. This is how the “recent apps” widget looks on my screen:

When tapping reset, is get the same confirmation question.
@Guy_Buytaert : Probably all is fine. It seems you just changed you homescreen panel. Android eg. the Fairphone has 5 homescreen panels. Click to home button to get to the homescreen and the simply swipe left or right to change the panel.

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HI all, thanks for the replies. I assume the reset button has always been there then and I just didn’t notice…

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Yes, it’s been there all along. Phew! though, it’s nothing serious :smile: