Request of SD Card

It is possible that in section of SD card, I can put more capacity as 1 terra byet of memory storage. Not only as 2 GB.

I am not sure if I understand your question/statement. Are you asking what SD card sizes a Fairphone supports? What Fairphone model are you referring to?
The latest Fairphone should support SD cards of up to 2 TB capacity.


If Fairphone follows the SDXC specification, the Fairphone 5 should support microSD cards with up to 2 TB. The same is true for the FP4 and FP3, even though the specifications sometimes say otherwise. This is more due to the maximum available capacity of microSD cards, e.g. when the FP3 was launched (400 GB).
However, the SDXC specifications are limited to 2 TB. There is a new standard, SDUC. But it’s still fairly new, and I haven’t found any cards with that standard yet. And I don’t know how backwards compatible this new standard is.
Anyway, now there are no microSD cards with more than 1TB at all. So even the SDXC standard has not yet exhausted its capacity limit for microSD.

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Indeed! And on top of that: Even the FP1 can read and use a 1TB microSD card as demonstrated by @urs_lesse. To sum it up: I would not worry too much about that at the moment, 2TB are very likely supported, but of course nobody can say for sure before we even have such a card.

Beware: Just because one of those (hypothetical) cards does not work in the phone does not mean it’s because of the capacity. There are some known issues with certain brands on the FP4, for example.

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