Replacement of GApps: Contacts, Messages, Phone

I am aware there are threads related, but I still wonder whether I should replace specificly those three apps for privacy issues, too?

I disabled many GApps already and replaced them with F-Droid alternatives.
The FP3 is my first Phone with Stock Android. I used those preinstalled non Google apps missing now.
Is it as smooth as with any other App? (as phone app needs the contact data)
what is your experience, reliability?

Any suggestions (prefered F-Droid):
Contacts: Open Contacts, Simple Contacts …?
Messages: QKSMS, …?
Phone: … ?

For SMS, I use Signal. Signal can be downloaded without Google Play.

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For SMS you can also use Silence which offers au full encryption of your SMS

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For photos I use simple gallery, and SMS I use qksms because its the only one so far that I have foumd that supports Dual Sim.

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Own Nextcloud instance for contacts and calendars.

(!) Beware when using AnySoftKeyboard and disabling GBoard; the Screen Lock using PIN or Password may no longer work (on reboot). USB OTG helps in this case :wink: Pattern works as it is handled by system not the keyboard app.

Currently Emerald Dialer cannot replace the “ringing popup” for incoming calls (see issue) but can be set as default for phone, therefore the App Phone cannot be disabled.