Repairpart Ribbon Cable FP3 Charging Board - Mainboard

I need a ribbon cable - connection between charging port and mainboard for my fp3. Please can someone look if there are any possibility to buy such a thing?

Michael from fairphone support means i should try it here in the forum:
Michel Today at 14:42

Dear Tino,

Thank you for your patience.

I checked and it’s not possible. You can check the community forum to see if someone with an old phone can help you with this.

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a link to a similiar case but with a nother ribbon cable:

i wondering why fairphone named it self so “fair” but can’t send one simple 3€ ribbon cable :frowning:

Try asking there:


Welcome to the community forum.

What to say?
Because they still do the more fair sourcing of materials, the more fair working conditions along the production chain and so on while the world doesn’t revolve around a singular issue of any one of us?

Now, is there room for improvement at Fairphone?
Should Fairphone support be able to help you in some fashion?

But my goodness can users please stop this “How are Fairphone supposed to be fair if they can’t solve MY problem?”
Would our parents be proud of such a display of self-centeredness?

Pinging @Ioiana_Luncheon … Why can’t something be done about such a ribbon cable?