Replacement top module ribbon cable

I bought a replacement top module for my FP3, but it is not working. I wonder if the ribbon cable got damaged in the process of removing the old top module and fitting the new. Fairphone unfortunately will not supply a replacement. Does anyone have a spare or a suggestion?

Just a guess:

When people upgraded their FP3 camera modules some time ago, every now and then it happened that the “hidden” end (which I think looks more or less just like the visible one) of the ribbon cable became disconnected under the shiny metal covering of the core module (see step 13, photo 2 here to get an idea: Fairphone 3 Top Module Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide). Does your top module’s ribbon cable feel a bit loosened?

While so far I cannot recall that anyone reported the same problem with the top module, I would not rule out that it can happen with that one as well.

EDIT: Step 10, photo 1 here gives a better view: Fairphone 3 Teardown - iFixit


Thanks for your reply. It did come completely detached when I removed the original top module, so I had to push it back into position, which I think I did correctly and it didn’t feel loose. This is why I’m concerned there may have been some damage to it and would like to at least have the opportunity to try another ribbon cable to see if it works, but cannot get one!

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