Repairing Fairphone3+

Good evening everyone,
since last November my F3+ is not working completely. I cannot access any apps. I can only make phone calls and send text messages, but I have to restart my phone everytime.

A technician suggested to uninstall and reinstall the apps, but no change.
Then to make a backup and do a Factory reset, but this does not work either, as the app doesn’t work, it does not open.
So in the end I have to repair it, but do not want to send it to Fairphone repair centre.
I would like to know if anyone knows a repair shop in Switzerland, preferably in Ticino, where I could go and see if they can have a look at it.
Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the community forum.

This sounds like a case where a Fairphone Angel might be able to give advice. There’s one at Zurich and another at Geneva.

In particular, they may be able to help you effect a factory reset.


Ok thank you. I live in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Any contact suggestions here?

Click the link that I provided (text in colour), you’ll see a map with the Angels marked.

Nearest is Zurich I’m afraid.

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I had they same Problem. Removing the SD Card solved the Problem. The SD. Card was defect .


Good idea. SD cards can cause all sorts of weird problems and the link is not always obvious.

Welcome to the forum by the way!

Thank you very much Angela, I will try :+1:

Indeed that was the problem, now it works! Thank you so much!!!


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