Repair shops in UK?

Can anyone recommend a UK repair shop that understands Fairphones and does a good job repairing them, preferably one near where I live (Birmingham)? My phone has suffered water damage and the bottom module seems to be affected, also I have managed to strip the heads of a couple of the screws and can’t remove them. I suppose any phone repair shop should be able to do this, but I would prefer one that is familiar with Fairphones if at all possible. I realise there have been discussions about this before on the site but the newest is a couple of years old now.

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There are indepth discussions about water damage all all you can do, if you cannot take it apart due to screw heads not engaing is to dry if for a few days in a warm flow or air.

It may well be the bottom module, but of course you first want to get it apart.

Maybe any half decent electroncs repair shop will help with the screws and then you can have a better look.

I can’t help you with repair shops, but maybe with the screw heads.

To open up rounded screw heads, get a new (as in unused so far) Phillips screw driver with the exact dimensions. When doing the first quarter turn on the screws, place your phone on a thin piece of fabric to avoid scratching the screen. Then press the screwdriver really hard onto the the screw and turn while pressing hard. That way, you can often still open rounded screws.

When screwing it back together, it doesn’t have to be screwed in too tightly. You aren’t building a bicycle, just a phone.

Regarding the repair shops, the Fairphone is purpously the most easy phone to repair. About repair shop will work. If that shop can repair modern flagship phones with all their glue and stuff, they will have no issue with a Fairphone.


Have now tried several phone/laptop shops in the West Midlands. They won’t touch a Fairphone, saying it’s too difficult to take apart with screw heads stripped because of the way they are recessed in the plastic, it would be difficult to remove them without damaging the casing. I believe the method is to cut a cross into the stripped head with a very small circular saw so that a Phillips screwdriver can be fitted into the cross.

So what do I do? I have tried to send the phone back to the repair centre but have been told by Fairphone support that I need to enter my address on their website - but there is no option for UK on the drop down menu (and yes, I am using the UK page and with settings in English).

I think you need to provide a link to the form you are talking about, otherwise others here will struggle to find out if there is a solution to your form issue. You probably don’t mean the form at – I did get a UK option in that form’s drop-down menu.

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Thanks, I went back to the form and the UK option was there.