Removing google searchbar

The search bar is part of the stock launcher …


Hi there,

I’m not using the Hey Google bar on FP3, is there a way to remove the bar? Just tapping it does not seem to work. It’s just taking up space like this.


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Just received my new FP3 today and spending the whole day on setting it up. The GOOGLE SEARCH BAR on the home screen is at the current moment driving to loose my mind of irritation. Can some of you nice people here please help me not loosing my mind with removing this. Would be very much appriciated.

Thanks a lot!

The Google search bar is tied to the launcher that comes with the Fairphone OS on the FP3. There are many alternative launchers out there - you might want to give Lawn Chair a try for a start. Available from the Play Store

or from the app store of your choice.


I just got my Fairphone 3 today and this searchbar drives me crazy (I already regret that I wanted to switch from FF2 to FF3…).
I downloaded and installed Lawnchair as suggested. Then I started customizing everything and after I almost finished I noticed another problem:
As soon as I tap at one of the three symbols at the bottom of the screen, Lawnchair kind of closes and I’m back at the “normal” home screen with this stupid Google-bar… Do I still have to switch other settings? I have no idea what I might have missed and it’s really annoying right now.
So I hope, somebody can help me with finally getting rid of that searchbar permanently. :wink:
Thanks a lot!

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Did you set it up as your default launcher app?

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Make sure Lawnchair is set as the default App in Settings - Apps & notifications - Default apps - Home app.

Else … which Lawnchair did you install? I don’t know such a problem from the version in F-Droid.

If you really can’t get it to work (try uninstalling/reinstalling it), there’s still Trebuchet (the stock launcher of LineageOS), which I found to get pretty close to it …


Thank you for guiding me throught the settings! I didn’t switch the default launcher to Lawnchair. Now it works properly. :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot. I installed lawnchair2 and now i got rid of the launchbar . Lawnchair2 Is a nove and highly configurabile Launcher i can recommend it

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