Remove the Fairphone 2 slim cover (How to?)

Hello guys, I just received my new slim cover as a replacement of my old transparent cover. Great service.

However, putting it on the Fairphone 2 is fairly easy, but how on earth do you get it off again, without tearing the thing to pieces?

I need to do that because the rubber around the camera hole needs a slight adjustment (normal people wouldn’t notice, but I’m extremely picky at times haha)

I tried to find the answer on this forum and elsewhere, but either my search-skills are not that good or no one has asked/answered this before.

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe you will find an answer here:

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Thanks. I can now see how it’s supposed to be done. I managed to get it off, almost destroying my fingertips in the process haha. I couldn’t do it nowhere near as elegant as the person in the video. Not the first time, not the second time, not the third time. That means that the cover won’t come off easy, which is good, except for when I need to get it off for something urgent. But that hasn’t happened to me for quite some time now so I’m happy once more :slight_smile:


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