Can I make the FP2 with slim cover to a normal FP2 by buying a different case?

Can you make the smartphone to a normal fairphone2 by buying a different case?

The slim case and the regular case are interchangeable, so each fits on every Fairphone 2.


Note that the original case has been discontinued - there are still a couple left in stock in the shop, but no new ones are being produced.


And note the former regular cases are often coming apart after about a year (judging by forum posts) :wink: … which is mainly why they have been discontinued.


which happened to me as well, the different materials don’t like each other and the back part produces a a certain force bringing them apart eventually. scrambling to buy the old case is not something I’d suggest, especially since compared to the new case the old one has a certain… sausage sleeve feeling.
now, if they had an all black color…

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