Release of 16.07?

Hey all,

We had a delay and the missing commits from 1.5.1 need to be included, and made into a new release

At this point we think it is better to include the patches from 1.6.x as well, and release at the same time with it, as 16.08


Thanks for the update - and apologies if my post was a bit pushy. Can you give us a rough estimate when 16.08 will be released ? I am asking because I and probably others as well would prefer a sooner 16.07 release with hopefully some security fixes and ugly bugs (like the clock not being saved during reboots) fixed instead of waiting for another period.

There will be no 16.07 release…
I can’t say when 16.08 will be released, but, as the name suggests, it should be before the end of the month.


Please, can you tell us if the painful Clock-Reset-Bug ( will be fixed in 16.08? Thanks in advance.


16.07.1 is out

Sorry about the delay everyone. It was caused by absences during the holiday season.
16.08 should also be released this month.

Sorry, this is not fixed yet.


I hope this bug gets high priority - reports in this forum are going back to May and I wonder how it will get fixed: The Code Aurora android that FP is using uses a system that leaves the RTC (Real Time Clock) in read-only mode and only stores the delta between RTC time and the time the user has set. I am observing that TWRP for instance suffers from the same bug: No set RTC, no proper timestamps on backups etc. There is a Code Aurora patch that simply allows write access to the RTC and I wonder if that would offer a better (and quicker) solution than trying to fix it just for the system (but not the recovery).


This is great news. Thanks!

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Thank you for this contribution! Our devs are following up with it.