Regular blank pages when trying to load Discourse forums in Firefox (Android)

Keeping the Firefox bug report alive with more activity may help get this on their radar. It may also be a Discourse issue (or combination)


I tried this a couple of times as well but in some cases the specific tab is just ‘frozen’ and loading another page also does not work.

I’m on v121 by the way.

My only other browser is Chrome, and there I can access the forum without issues.

Since my last post I encountered a situation where nothing, even Quit, allowed me to load Discourse pages. I resorted to installing Vivaldi which works.
However I now find that pages are loading properly again in FF (121).
Fingers crossed for the next update!

I don’t think it’s on their radar (anymore). It may be best to leave feedback in the Mozilla bug report.

I’ve pinged the Mozilla bug triage owner, let’s see it if leads to some activity…


This issue happens less frequently for me, I actually don’t know when it happened for the last time. Anyone else?

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I agree, haven’t seen it for some time. Let’s pray it stays like this!

It has been months without issues for me as well. :crossed_fingers:

I had switched to Chrome because of that issue, at least with the community forum. I will try with Firefox again, now. Thanks for your comments

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Much better here too, though I do still see the occasional blockage. Monthly? I use computers more than the phone though.

I’ll report the next time it happens.


Same for me.
I don’t have blank page since months, I think.

For me it happened again, this time only a few reloads would be enough to fix this, but I reverted back to Chrome for the forum.