Reference to the battery kickstart procedure

@Stefan, @paulakreuzer, @Irina_Spitznagel
maybe someone could make this post by @werner_noebauer a #wiki or #dic posting.

The tip to try a kickstart of the battery is given quite regularly. Therefore - in my opinion - it would be great to make the "how to kickstart a battery" easy to find. Especially so, as there is an older instruction, that should no longer be followed.

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@BertG @werner_noebauer’s post is quoted in the #batteryguide so the current way to refer to it is:

Please try to kickstart your battery as explained in the #batteryguide.

Do you think it’s necessary to change that to:

Please try to #kickstartyourbattery.


Well, I guess that way it would be easier to find.
I happened to stumble by accident upon the new kickstart procedure, having followed the old instruction all the time.
Now, when I searched for it, as I did not remember the proceedings, I knew what I was looking for and still had to search some time; in the end using the term “kickstart battery new” did the trick. For someone not knowing there is some explanation like this, the inclusion of “kickstart” should be really helpful, as it is mentioned all the time (that’s what makes searching so tough ;)).

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