Reduce the size of photos for storage FP4 (2022) / google limiting drive images


Google 12 monthes ago started counting images on google drive.
Now I keep spending my sunday deleteing pictures :smiley:
I see two things :

  1. I would like to ask for 1080P and 720P picture mode. Since it is OK for 99% of hwat I do. This would take 4 times less space than actual 8Mpixel. This would already solve it for me

  2. 25% of my pictures are for sharing . Would it be possible at snap to say keep it for sharing 1 month. Like a specific button Snap N’ Share ?

Note: There is a closed post concerning image size.

Which closed topic we could reopen and merge?

Else maybe have a look at OpenCamera as you can change resolution in the settings in this App

Thanks for your answer I didn t know of Open camera.
Also I beleive photo has become one of the main selling point of smartphone over the past 10 years.
I believe its a wrong move no not take care of this part and inovate in this area.
Fairphone has been putting great effort in this area imporving hardware and software , that s great.
Now it would be muuuuuuch better to have a good quality / feature for the photos from Fairephone themself in the ROM.
Google changing theire photo backup policy will impact almost all of your users, please chekc it out :wink:

Isn’t it easier to just set the Upload size to Storage saver at


You are still mixing up forum and support. Here is the forum and we cant change anything. And most people want high resolution pictures and many dont use Google drive

Edit: as the other topic is about the FP3 and the Camera app has different and more setting options as far as I remember I would not merge

You are right , many persons have many different needs x) Just my whishlist here 

Now in my family and friends I have at least half of the person that have “data storage issues”
 one of the major issue (with battery) why they usally change phone. Some are on apple other android, samething
things get saturated
 and most people don t get what is wrong
they end up buying a new phone and a upgrade their google account.
But could be just the persones around me.

For now I just deactivated the google photo saving. Otherwise I will be unable to receive emails and use google doc. Which for my work pipline is a major problem.

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