Reduce the size of photos for storage

I need help. I need to reduce the size of photos for storage because I save them on google photos and in a month it has collapsed.

for example, a one and a half minute video takes up 250 MB, a picture takes up 10MB. in my

on my old cell phone a video takes up 17 MB and a photo takes up 1,6MB.

I don’t have enough space to store videos and photos that are so heavy. I need help what I have to do.

Are you using the FP4? Did you activate the option to shoot photos in 48MP? A 12MP photo shouldn’t be more than 4MB.
Same for video, do you film in 4K? If yes, reduce to 1080p.
The quality shouldn’t be visibly reduced, it may even be improved.


Hi and welcome to the forum.

What phone and OS are you using :slight_smile:

Hello. I use FairPhone 3+

Thanks for fou answer

in size photos I’m
4:3 (12MP)
16:9 (8MP)
18:9 (5MP)
which can I mark?

and in video
4k Ultra HD (30fps)
Full HD 1080p (120fps)
Full HD 1080p (30fps)
HD 720p (30fps)

which of those I have to mark?


Do you have the latest OS Android 10 v 0134 and are you using the default camera app?

If you are using default Camera > Settings > Picture size

and … Video quality

With still images you can also reduce them via the Photo or Gallery app.

Alternatively do you mean how to reduce the ones you have on google?

Do you really want to sacrifice image quality for the possibility to use Google Photo storage? The situations you take pictures or videos of don’t come back. So I would for sure make a local backup copy instead of cutting the quality.


How much space do you have on google and I suppose you mean free space.

As Incanus suggested you could keep a backup ~ on an SD card for example.

Say 23€ for 128GB ???

Maybe this can help:

whereas storing images on Google is in itself a thing worth considering :frowning:
But I don’t want to talk you into it. You have to know if you want to scan all images from google.

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I don’t know how to make that. I need to save my photos if in case I lose my phone

in google photos I’m 15GB only. in my SD 128GB, but my problem is if I lose my phone I lose my SD also. and in the other side I don’t want to pay to google. I have saved there all my photos since 2015, and in 2 months with FairPhone I arrived at 15GB…

what about a managed nextcloud instance?
It’s about 5,-€ per month for 100GB

for example: Nextcloud Hosting | Gratis mit 1GB starten |

That’s where i store my data.
Sync with nextcloud app. photos, calendar, contacts, todos, etc…
save,secure and private

and 5,-€ is less then a fu**ing starbucks coffee…

So If I read correctly you have a 128GB SD card in the phone. Is it formatted as portable i.e. can you remove it and read it. If so buy another SD card and copy to that so you have a spare

Then you should save the photos on your PC too and include them in your backup concept.

Didn’t you ever do that?


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