Redefining longevity: Android 9 now available for Fairphone 2

Do you upgrade all your apps regularly? Then the Fairphone updater was updated too and will inform you, when the upgrade is available. It can take until April 18th.


Thanks for the info, Incanus!

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Thank you, Fairphone-Team for this upgrade!

It is just a bit sad that there is no chance to speed up getting the update or to manually install it.
My daily driver is a FP3+, having an old FP2 around which I could use for testing and giving feedback, no need to worry about hiccups and bugs.
But I guess I have to be patient until the upgrade hits my device :wink:

Then you can go the beta version way with this device. The latest beta version available is the same as the released one and perfect for testing.


Thank you for this hint!


Dear Fairphone developers, dear FP community,

thank you so much for bringing forth this upgrade to Android 9. A really big achievement that, once more, shows the FP’s genuineness of reaching longevity and sustainability.

Although Android 7 satisfies my needs, I am curious about upgrading to 9 soon.

As already asked in this question on mouse-functionality in Android 6 and in this question on mouse-functionality in Android 7, I would like to know, whether the FP2 can still be operated with a mouse after the Android 9 update. I don’t dare to update, before I can be sure that Android 9 on FP2 supports this mouse-functionality. :wheelchair: :computer_mouse:

To check, whether mouse-functionality is integrated in your Android 9-running FP2, you just have to connect a usual mouse via a USB-to-Micro-USB-adapted to the FP2’s micro-USB-port. Then, either a mouse cursor appears on the screen and can be controlled via the mouse (in this case mouse-functionality is available) or nothing happens (in this case mouse-functionality is not included in Android 9).

It would be great if either the developers or some FP2-users could give me feedback concerning the above stated question!


This is good news, thank you. I will be waiting for the roll outs and I asume that the rollout is going automaticly and that I dont need to do anything selves.


After running several versions of LineageOS for the past couple of years, I returned to FairphoneOS a week ago. I had almost taken my daily random reboots for granted, but at the same time they drove me crazy. Now back to Android 7, all my apps are running fine and I had no reboot for a whole week. I hope Android 9 works well, too!


I just installed the release candidate that became the official Android 9 release on my Fairphone 2 “spare parts”, and a mouse (some USB Logitech Wireless dongle I have lying around and a Logitech M185 mouse) works just fine via USB OTG.

(I’m using /e/ on my Fairphone 2, and mouse via USB OTG worked with /e/ on Android 9 as well as on the current Android 10, too.)


Thank you a lot, @AnotherElk! :grinning:

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@Tuvok: I meanwhile have got the USB-to-Micro-USB-adapter, attached a mouse to it - and it works fine with the new release FP OS 21.01.0-rel.1 / Android 9! So go for it if you like :slight_smile:

(For my main FP2, I personally will wait for the new FP Open OS with Android 9 :wink: )


I have yet to receive my Android update. This seems a massive deal for Fairphone, so I imagined this thread would be really busy, and I am surprised how few people are confirming they have had the update. Is the rollout going well? It would be great if Fairphone could provide some comments.

A couple of things
a) most people don’t post to the forum and
b) it goes out by network so your network may be last in line.

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Thanks for the info about network allocation - I didn’t know this!

Apparently updates are generally sent out to a few major networks EE, Vodafone etc. who test it and give feed back. Then any problems are sorted and sent back to EE etc. If EE etc are happy then EE and Vodafone will send it out as and update. Big companies can find bugs quickly. With smaller providers it can take ages and some may never get a copy. This clearly means that some networks will have different features abilities and stability which can be very upsetting for end users. Hence the dominance of Samsung and Apple to appear more stable across networks they can sort out issue more quickly.

Somewhere on this forum there is info that nearly 500,000 test have to be done just to get Google to allow the use of their apps on the Open Source Android.

Glad that’s not by job.

You may be interested in

So there is usually an alternative where you can download and install yourself.

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This applies to FP3 updates, but I would not be sure that it does to the current major FP2 upgrade. From what I remember, the rollout is based on a simple random basis in order to catch remaining problems early and avoid having them affect the whole userbase.


I got the update on a FP2 about 2 weeks ago (and I didn’t bother to post it). And the update worked fine.


@Volker Thanks for sharing! I remember battery management improved greatly when Fairphone updated from Android 6 to Android 7, it really made a difference for me. How do you find the battery in Android 9?

In the best case the battery can last very long:

But in general (when data and screen are on or even games are running) I don’t have the impression that battery usage is lower then before (i.e. that battery lasts longer without loading).


On battery usage, I’m finding power lasts about the same as on Android 7 - possibly even a few hours less (maybe a day and a half under A9, compared to 48 hours for A7).

I haven’t done enough tests to figure out if I’ve installed a particular app yet, but I do notice that power is not sitting at 0-1% usage overnight much any more. More like 5-10% being used for the 8 hours I’m asleep, whether I’m in Airplane mode or not.