Recover data on a infinite boot loop

Not good :frowning: .
In IT that would reversely imply you had no important data. Since your follow-up post gives the impression the data was important afterall, you perhaps want to employ a commercial data recovery service, but they don’t come cheap. Good luck!

Very true. But if the culprit is the mainboard, wouldn’t this most likely mean the data is gone after the repair? I’m getting the impression that’s not wanted.


I meant a real repair of @isaacpascual’s main unit. At least a recovery of the data shouldn’t be a big deal. With the schematics one could power the main unit as the battery does and boot the phone normally. But I don’t know if FP does such things.

Maybe @Douwe could help here? And if not at least describing where to power it with which voltage would help @isaacpascual. :wink:


Sorry my suggestion was not clear :slight_smile:
What i meant was not a repair but asking them for making an image. I’m pretty sure the battery circuitry is defective, so powering the board on the correct rail and pulling an image with TWRP should work. But not without the schematics.

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