Recover data on a infinite boot loop

My FP2 enter to a infinite boot loop… The unique I can do is conect via USB (cause battery dosent work) and enter to fastboot mode… I install the recovery system but I cant enter to it.

I want to recover my data because device seem completly dead… Some hint some idea?

Have you tried the battery reset as described in the #batteryguide?

I try change the battery with other that work on other device. Nothing happends. Is like battery are not connected to the device.

When I connect to USB the boot loop starts… Impossible to enter to battery charge mode because I cant stop the boot loop.

There is a way to physically extract internal memory to save photos and more stuff?

Can you still access Fastboot mode?

As I say on first message: Yes.

The problem is that I cant access data… The recovery system dont work.

What I try is install other Fairphone OS, flash a recovery TWRP but impossible to start because on reboot the loop dosnt stop.

Does this work perhaps? …

I try this but restart the phone and boot loop continue equal…

More info… the microSD is impossible to be readed on other devices like is broken… : S

Is possible that some fail on power system burn it?

Did you format the SD-Card as internal memory?
In that case, it can not be read by a computer.

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I don’t think the FP could work without the battery. And this should be why the other things are not working.

I dont remember that… some hint to discover it?

Maybe… What can I do? How to know if this is the problem?

On updating to Android 6 (Marshmallow) you were asked, how the SD-card should be handled, maybe you chose “internal memory”.
You can check if you go to


  • Storage & USB

there you will find

  • Internal Storage
  • Portable Storage
    If you*ve got no portable storage, your SD-card is internal memory.

Well, when you have access to an other Fairphone, try to swap the bottom module. This is the only idea i have. I think the battery circuitry is on the main module - so the only option then is a repair by fairphone. And I’m sure they have more recovery options.

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I have another bottom module (cause micro broke and then buy one new) I try to swap the bottom module and all go the same.

Time to call Fairphone support (e-mail is slow currently).
Luckily you have a backup of your important data.


I dont have backup : (

Honestly Im disappointed with all the problems I have with this mobile phone in less than a year…
random restarts… Mic broke… Modules out of stock for months… Slow official support… Dont accept a second hand market…

I like the project aim but feel like poor implementation.

Thanks to forum people!

I see that:

Someone try to extract NAND flash unit and read with some like this ?

Yes, this works. But you’ll need a some k€ reflow soldering station to get the flash out. Would be easier to call Fairphone and ask them if they could repair your phone…

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