Recording/Mic Volume to low in Calls and in Soundrecorder

FP2. Android 6.0.1. FP2 is 3 months old.

Problem: Others regularly complain not to understand well me during calls, although reception is fine. They say my voice is to low and words are mixing.


  • played around with media volume with maximum and middle range position -> no change
  • recording with the soundrecorder, and playing back (with media volume at max) is also very low, which conforms to the scale that is shown during recording (arrow is very close to the left)
  • tried in calls and with soundrecorder without and with 3 different headsets -> mic seem to be always to low
  • exchanged phones (I took s.o. else’s phone and called her on my phone) --> I was shocked how bad I could understand the other side
  • opened FP2, looked at bottom module --> nothing awkward
  • tested the two mics in maintenance menu -> working fine, except that the echo voice is to low (media volume at max) and quality could be much better

–> There is no situation where the mic does not work at all, its simply always to low


  • Does anybody face the same problem?
  • Any ideas for further tests?
  • From other OS I know the possibility to change mic volume … this does not seem to exist in FP2/Android?

ps: and no, I am not hearing impaired or do not have a very low voice :slight_smile: … other people seem to appear this problem in calls with me only with FP2.
pps: also, I do not use a protection slide that could covering the mic

Did you also take it out and clean the connector between the module and the rest of the phone?
If you did that I think you pretty much covered every test you can do, so I guess you have to contact support to get a replacement module.
If they don’t ask for you to send them your old bottom module, don’t through it away, it still has some value (since the USB port works). You can sell it in the #market or give it to a #localcommunities near you.

Thank you for your reply and your hint, Paul:
Did you also take it out and clean the connector between the module and the rest of the phone?
Actually, I did take it out before, but just looked at it and couldn’t see anything broken or dirty. After your hint, I took it out again and cleaned it. Unfortunately, no improvement. I fear, I must ask FP support …

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