Record video with Flashlight ON

Hi, How I can record video with flashlight on? I don’t find this option… I’m sorry!

thank you

  1. Go in the camera app
  2. Go in the flash options
  3. Choose something named “flashlight” or “backlight”

there is no “flash options” in camera app, i can see the flashlight logo in the camera mode, but in video mode is missing this option

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Um, sorry, I answered a bit too quickly… I’ll let someone who has a FP3 answer.

I can’t help much with the stock OS, but it works with the Open Camera fork /e/ uses as camera App, so it’s not hardware at least.
(Flashlight option is there when recording video and can be enabled and disabled while recording.)

You could try Open Camera (Play Store / F-Droid) yourself to confirm that it’s a problem with the stock camera App.

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It works with Open Camera or the Pixel camera app.
But the subject was already discussed in here: Problems with the flash in default Camera app


can’t install google camera isn’t compatible with my phone… I installed open camera thank you :slight_smile: