Recommendations for MP3 player apps that display album art?


I do not want to try all those players available out there one by one. With a MP3 (or media) player) I would prefer open source.

The built-in player in FP Open OS looks like it could support album covers, but even if the cover is avaible as JPEG or PNG inside the album folder, it is not displayed, just always the same default image. Does the player expect some special format or a special file name (other than cover.jpg)? Or is it necessary to create a playlist for that?

On the desktop I use Banshee. I do not expect (or need) all the functions of Banshee on the smartphone, but sorting and searching would be nice. And cover art…

Any recommendations?



I’m using Vanilla Music for months now and I’m quite happy with it.

At least, I think it worth a try :wink:

I have two cases on my phone (FP1), using the stock music player:

  • album art embedded in the mp3 -> Album art is displayed correctly :white_check_mark:
  • album art inside the folder, where the flac-files are stored -> :white_check_mark: (The album is called “How Sweet the Sound: Songs of Inspiration” and the cover art is called “How Sweet the Sound - Songs of Inspiration.jpg” -> note the dash!)

It seems that the name of the cover art is not the problem. However I’d probably embed the cover art. VLC for desktop let’s you add a cover art to a music file:


Just saw that Vanilla Music even has a Cover Fetch plugin! :smiley:

F-Droid | Play Store

How could I install such a plugin?


Like any other app. When both (player + plugin) are installed, you can reach it via the context menu.

Yep, as I said : quite happy with it :wink:

Thanks, I installed it. Either I do not fully understand it’s GUI or… Is it really that complicated that I have to access the pugin for each and every Album in my music folder? Over a hundred… Is there no automatic to download covers whenever there is no file in the folder?

And when a cover is fetched from the net, I do have to save it first, do I really have to navigate each and every time to the folder where the album is stored?

Also, I seem to have introduced an error, now every time I click on Write, Write to folder.jpg I get the error message “nothing selected from SAF file picker, exiting…”

Thanks for helping me…

Afaik there is no bulk download. The saving works fine for me (FP1, #kitkat) though and I also don’t have to navigate somewhere. I have the music stored in the internal storage.

Bulk download would not be necessary, if cover art is always loaded from the net on demand. Just like Banshee does it on the PC.

I just test the cover fetch plugin and I didn’t investigate so much, you guys already know it better than I do… all my albums already have a cover.png and vanilla just load it flawlessly.

If my memory doesn’t fail me, lollypop did the job, can’t banshee do the same?

Maybe some thing like “Album Art Writer” extension mentioned here?

Banshee loads album art from the net “on demand”, by default, and without a plugin, so there is no need to write it to local files… If such are present, they get loaded, also ANY graphics file, independent of its storage location or file name, can be attributed to an album.

OK, I get that… I was trying to find a way to have covers in vanilla without struggling too much with the “cover fetch plugin”, but it was just a thought.

I personally try to avoid systematic connection whenever I can, that’s why I suggest the above idea.

Hope you will find a solution that fit yours needs :wink:

I still have this problem. Anyone got a clue what this might tell me?

Be aware that these apps/plugins are not always accurate. They also leak metadata.

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