Recommendations for cooling apps

Can anyone recommend an app for cooling down the Fairphone? Preferably one that doesn’t play annoying TikTok adverts like Space Cleaner.

I personally wouldn’t recommend these apps. The Android operating system is mature enough to throttle the CPU when it gets warm, kill applications to free up RAM (although, unused RAM is wasted RAM), The Google Files app can clean up temporary files for you. I wouldn’t look for these other apps that think they know better :slight_smile: Other than that I can’t give you much else information.


In Windows OS you call these apps “snake oil”, since they promise much but normally make more problems than they solve.


I guess you might be asking because of the coming heatwave and this is probably about the notoriously heated and thirsty FP2. Most feasible measures would be on the “demand” side, i.e. reduce workload, especially HD video streaming and video calls. For extended periods of high CPU (processor) usage that don’t require the display, I would sometimes place the phone flat on its face and remove the back cover so CPU heat can “evaporate” freely.

Bear in mind that when the phone is really hot, it will refuse to charge.


That’s a bit of an oxymoron any app will just use more power :slight_smile:
What may help a little is disabling Wi-Fi, NFC, Location and Bluetooth if they are not being used.

Disable any email apps etc, that check every 10 min etc.

Do not let the battery charge go low as it can take a high load when depleted and get very warm.
Contrary to advice about keeping the battery below 80% for longevity, at 90% and over it charges slowly, although the screen notification may say otherwise.

EDIT: That the phone screen may say ‘Charging rapidly’ doesn’t mean it is charging quickly. It means that the phone has implimented a ‘Quick charge protocol’ not that it is quick. I’ve had the quick charge nottification with added time to full charge from 1 to 4 hours when around 30%

Try not to keep the phone next to body and ensure there is some air around it.

Enjoy the weather and take care.

All the best


Don’t use such sh**
Full of trackers and no use

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Well, I agree basically to the other opinions here. Anyhow, there is i.e. the root-app Kernel Adiutor which is able to check the details of your system. So you can see, where the problem(s) might be.
And it might be able to reduce maximum CPU speed what could cool down the phone. But that would mean, that the speed of apps are slowing down!
It is not really actual (+4a), but working for LineageOS very well. For other distros I can’t judge.
Best peace

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This can be a complicate topic. If you have a steady IMAP connection, the power consumption can actually be lower than polling just every 30 minutes or so because the app can rely on getting notified and doesn’t need to compare its list with the server to see if there are any new messages.

Another way to save some power (and data) could be the use of an ad-blocker which works on a system level so your phone doesn’t load all the ads at all, whether they are browser- or app-based.

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Even better, off-system, i.e., all traces of the garbage are removed before the presumably more useful stuff is sent. E.g., I use ProtonVPN, which includes an (optionally-enabled), ad- and/or malware-blocker. I can confirm it does a reasonable job of blocking ads (no idea about malware); e.g., various free apps that include ads rarely display any ads, as ProtonVPN eats them for me.

Another good option for in-app-ad and tracker blocking is “TrackerControl” from F-Droid.
You don´t need to do anything and it does a good job.

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